Expand your team
With Mannkey

strengthen your business with help of our QA specialists, engineers, scrum techies, and business analysts. This will allow you to make easy digital solutions & enhance the software capabilities.

How our team collaborates

locates subtle tech-savvy officials

We allow you to choose from a broad set of focused developers. These developers have specific expertise in specific technologies.

We frame teams that ace

We don’t work considering the fact that your contract is permanent termed or open ended. We strive simply for excellence.

We provide enveloping experiences

we adapt each kind of policies & processes to help your team to work in a branded environment, thus making it a rich experience.

Maintain entire team controls

benefits like high scalability & reduced administrations of the teams, will enable you to have complete control while getting privileged.

Software development centre’s
working at Mannkey

Our team proposes over the counter best software development centres. It eases your work, and also with the help of our highly proficient and experienced development centres your solutions become better every day. Have a look at how this all works-



  • Searching project requirements
  • Deciding the outlook of the project
  • Paving competence
  • Choosing team members


Setting up team

  • Using apt culture & processes
  • Bettering tools, infrastructure & environment setup
  • Reinventing processes and methods
  • Starting projects



  • Organizing the team’s size
  • Revising performances
  • Controlling procedures
  • Aggregation & allocation of expertise

Leverage Mannkey’s team
to broaden possibilities

Administration & recruitment

The tedious task of recruiting & several other related processes will be our responsibility.

Skills & roles

Take help of our team’s skills, to overcome limitations as well as to fill in thorough & specific job roles.

Upgrading product’s TTM

We amplify your product’s time to market.

Cost deductions

Hire us, and the cost will start-up be reduced to 40%. Best at better cost is given at Mannkey only.

Solution base ownership

The true ownership of all the digital solutions developed by Mannkey experts will always be your own. So, no need to stress about the legalities of ownership.

Intensified productivity

Unleash your full-handed productivity & capabilities only with Mannkey techies.

Appoint devoted developers
for any technology

Web Development

With the help of extensively knowledgeable Mannkey techies we try to give out best of the best solutions. Custom software development and applications we create are top-notch and satisfactory. We implement all your web application dreams. We build up all types of applications in market. of various types such as CMS, eCommerce web portal, and enterprise web development.

Mobile App Development

Mannkey is substantial & innovative when it comes mobile application development. We have created our deep-rooted experience in delivering best digital solutions. We leave a tenacious impact on all of your client’s business.

Quality engineering

We administer quality engineering techniques which includes operations, management, and development of IT systems with a special and immense quality standard solutions. We always convey shining solutions.

Cloud & DevOps

We specially design cloud & dev-ops consultation to all of the Mannkey based clients. This eases their efforts for automation & standardization procedures which deliver outputs which are of exceptional operations, quicker innovations, and better deployment quality.

Desktop application

We specially design cloud & dev-ops consultation to all of the Mannkey based clients. This eases their efforts for automation & standardization procedures which deliver outputs which are of exceptional operations, quicker innovations, and better deployment quality.

Database management

We are adapted to deliver finest database management solutions. These solutions will prepare you to manage your data with maximum capacity. Simultaneously, removing all the barriers in the process too.

Why Mannkey?
Fringe Benefits of choosing our Enthusiastic team.

With a distinct experience for several years, Mannkey’s solutions have been focused on making new business & enterprises successful for most of the times. So, all these success stories with our different clients is a profound combination of dedication and sublimation. Therefore, testify some of the aids and assistances offered by our team all the time-

Top-notch 5% of development teams

Flawless communications

Agile software development

Skill enrichments & routine drills

Brisk development

Effortless scaling

Mannkey’s Clientele
Over past 8 years...

Since the past course of time, we have been really successful in delivering our clients across the whole globe with really incredibly customized digital solutions. Also, the team of offshore developers have been extremely devoted in handing over a set of exceptional software development services to our clients. below enlisted are some of our fulfilled and happy customers

The hunt for perfection
to an end with Mannkey

The latter mentioned statistics clearly proves the certainty of our success over the years


Our presence


Years Of Experience


In-House Talent


Project Delivered


Client Satisfacation Mode


Hours of effects

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