We Are Creative Nerds

Mannkey strives to work hard on to create and develop innovative and creative work. Sometimes the best way to envision the future is to invent it. Here, we are ready to invent your idea.

Innovation explored

Creativity is thinking up new things. Innovation is doing new things. We are ready to to make your creative thoughts into innovative work.

Better designs and functions

Truly elegant design incorporates top-notch functionality into a simple, uncluttered form. Our team works on everything you need in your software.

Leading the new Digital World

The last ten years of IT have been about changing the way people work. The next ten years of IT will be about transforming your business. Its a wakeup call! Dont stop! Connect with us.

Mannkey Electronics Private Limited

Where innovation meets excellence

Web Application

Mannkey tech has talented professionals to make beautiful and purposeful web-apps. Intelligent web-applications gives real results.
Our professionals use modern web development platforms and software tools such as:

Mobile Application

The rich and interactive experiences we have come to expect on mobile apps have created new standards and expectations for all digital media. Business operations nowadays are happening via mobile apps. Start exploring mobile app to develop any business.
We use modern web development platforms and software tools such as:

Blockchain Technology

Blockchain: a tamper-proof, decentralized and distributed digital record of transactions that creates trust and is said to be highly resilient. Make your business transactions safe with blockschain technology

Artificial Intelligence

It is difficult to think of a major industry that AI will not transform. This includes healthcare, education, transportation, retail, communications, and agriculture. There are surprisingly clear paths for AI to make a big difference in all of these industries. Dont get isolated with your business, integrate AI and start big


Dont shut-down your business because of sudden crisis get smarter and start your digital business and get into digital transactions.
Interesting e-commerce can be developed using:
Customized Apps and Web apps as per your ideas